Other Recommended Publications

Finale: An Easy Guide to Music Notation
2nd Edition

by Tom Rudolph and Vince Leonard
Berklee Press, 2005
ISBN: 0876390688


Recording in the Digital World
by Tom Rudolph and
Vince Leonard
Berklee Press, 2001
ISBN: 0634013246
Technology Strategies for Music Educators
2nd edition
by Rudolph et al
TI:ME, 2005
ISBN: 0634090607

Finding Funds for Music Technology
by Tom Rudolph
SoundTree, 1999
(800) 963-8733
ISBN: 0634020013


The SoundTree General Music Curriculum
by Tom Rudolph
Student and Teacher book
SoundTree, 1996
(800) 963-8733
Teaching Music with Technology
2nd Edition

by Tom Rudolph
GIA Publications, 2005
ISBN: 1579993133
Available from


The MIDI Sequencer
in the Music Classroom

(Video VHS)
by Tom Rudolph and Ken Peters
GIA Publications, 1997
MIDI Jazz Improvisation Series
by Tom Rudolph and Roger Morgan
ECS Media, 1995
Strategies for Teaching: Technology
Compiled and edited by Sam Reese,
Kimberly McCord, and Kimberly Walls
MENC, 2002
ISBN: 1-56545-140-6
Experiencing Music Technology
by David B. Williams and Peter Webster
Technology Guide for Music Educators
Edited by Scott Watson
Fundamentals of
Music Technology

by Dennis Mauricio
A curriculum of fifteen classroom-tested
lesson plans meant to serve as a guide to
how to incorporate a keyboard lab into
the general music classroom setting.
Teaching Classroom Music in the Keyboard Lab
by James Frankel
SoundTree, 1999
(800) 963-8733
Opportunity-to-Learn Standards
for Music Technology

MENC, 1999
The Musician's Guide to Pro Tools
by John Keane
Producing Music with Digital Performer
by Ben Newhouse


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