Noteflight Music Notation Software

Tom Rudolph, Clinician

Music Notation Software:

Noteflight is a "web app" and  runs in a web browser.

Noteflight options:

In addition to the free version of Noteflight, which allows you to create and share up to 10 scores, there are paid versions as well.

You need a free or paid Noteflight account in order to use the application.  Go to: and sign up for a free account if you have not already.

Noteflight user guide:

Aura Lee example for practice:

Tom Rudolph's Noteflight demo videos using a Mac or PC computer that has flash:
Tom Rudolph's Noteflight demo videos for iPad and Mac web Browsers not running Flash:

Noteflight PART 2 (February, 2016 session)

Question 1: How to create a pick-up bar
  1. Select the first bar of the score.
  2. Choose Staff > Change Time Signature
  3. Enter the duration that represents the total beats of the pick-up bar
  4. Check "pick-up"
  5. Click OK.

Question 1: Is there a way to make individual lines of music? For example, if I make my own scale chart, each line can be a different key and scale.
  1. Enter the notation for the first exercise/scale
  2. Copying bars by selecting them and pressing the letter R
  3. Transpose by Interval: Edit > Transpose
  4. Change the Key: Staff > Change Key Signature
  5. Remove the cautionary key signatures:  Score > Show/Hide Cautionaries
  6. Adjust the page layout by adding and/or removing system breaks.

Question: Getting to know more in-depth notation tricks and tips
Search Noteflight Public Scores (copy them for your own use)

Choose Browse > Scores

Practice file: Amazing Grace: