Free and Almost Free Web-based Technology Tools for Music Educators

Tom Rudolph, Clinician

Description:  Overview of web-based options for music teachers that are free or inexpensive. Demonstrations to include music theory sites and; music notation software;  sharing audio files using; and editing audio files with Audacity software. The session will take place in a hands-on music tech lab.

PART 1: 

Creating Custom Exercises for Your Students

With, you can create custom exercises for your students and make the URL or web address available to them. Students can then complete a progress report that can be printed or emailed to the teacher.
  1. To review the steps to create a custom exercise, go to and click on the FAQ link at the bottom of the page.
  2. Click on the text:  "How can I assign exercises as homework?"
  3. After reading the section in step two, click on the "How do exercise verification work?"
  4. When you are ready to create your custom exercise, click on Exercises and then at the bottom of the screen under Teachers, click Exercise Customizer
Tom Rudolph's Demo Videos: 

Making a Custom Exercise in Part 1

Making a Custom Exercise in Part 2


Teoria Music Theory is free to use There is an English and Spanish version available. Members can join for $20.00 which gives the ability to saving student scores in a database.

**** A paid option theory and ear training option which offers microphone input and other features is Auralia and Musition by

PART 3: Music Notation Software:

Noteflight is unique as it runs in a web browser. The technical reason is, it is built in HTML5, which is currently the most advanced web technology.

Noteflight options:

In addition to the free version of Noteflight, which allows you to create and share up to 10 scores, there are paid versions as well.

You need a free or paid Noteflight account in order to use the application.  Go to: and sign up for a free account if you have not already.

Noteflight user guide:

Aura Lee example for practice:

Tom Rudolph's Noteflight demo videos using a Mac or PC computer that has flash:
Tom Rudolph's Noteflight demo videos for iPad and Mac web Browsers not running Flash:

Answer to Beth Vilsmeier's question: Consider using Inside Music that offers a complete curriculum for Noteflight. The cost of the subscription also includes the cost of Noteflight. Check out:

Free notation software for use on a Mac or windows computer: Finale Notepad:

PART 4: Editing Audio with Audacity

Main Audacity Website:
Download Audacity Application:
Download Audacity Plug-ins:

YouTube Channel -  Tutorial Videos:
Editing Tutorial - open and edit:

PART 5: Uploading Audio files to SoundCloud

Think of SoundCloud as part social media and part Dropbox. SoundCloud is a social media site, focusing on audio posts that can be finished tracks or works in progress. Visitors to your SoundCloud page, which could include your students, can listen, comment, and collaborate. It can be an excellent place to showcase audio files or the work of your students.

You can follow other artists in the same manner as “friend-ing” someone on Facebook and get notifications when they post new material, or just listen to what others are posting. You can search the membership for specific artists or styles of music, and like or post comments on favorite tracks. You can access your account through a web browser or the SoundCloud app on a mobile device. You can also share files posted on SoundCloud, yours or others, through your accounts with Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr.

There are three types of accounts:  Free, Pro and Pro Unlimited:

I suggest starting with the free subscription and then going Pro if you need the storage and additional features.

Tom Rudolph's demo of SoundCloud


Introduction to SoundCloud

(commercial video)

Answer to Victor North's question about web pages for jazz improvisation:

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